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How It Works

Office Building Design Sizes From 
1,500 SF - 20,000 SF

Select A Site Location,

Select A Lot,

Reserve it.

Select a lot at one of our locations.  Once a lot is reserved for your future office building the design process begins.  Meet with our preferred architect and collaborate on the building, inside and out.  Once the preliminary plans are done we refine budgets so costs are tailored to meet your requirements.  From there, we obtain the final plans, specifications, engineering and permitting while you meet with the designer to make selections all finishes (paint, flooring, cabinetry, etc).  

Design it, build it... own it.

As you finalize selections with the designer we are typically starting  construction.  At the end of the construction processes we hand over the keys at a "One-Time-Closing."  It's that easy.  Depending on the nature of your business, sometimes multiple State and/or government inspections are necessary (overnight facilities, Medicare regulated facilities, etc.).  Once all inspections are finalized you are free to occupy your building.

Can My Business Afford It?

You might be surprised to find how affordable an office building can be for a business.  Paying rent for the space you need is usually more costly than paying a mortgage note for the same size space.  We work with banks that offer some flexibility as well as options.  But no matter where the funding comes from, it is a tremendous asset for you and your business which makes the financing part easier than one might expect.

Have questions?  Give us a call.

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