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About Us

Over the years KILCOMMINS Group has been dedicated to refining commercial office park concepts and widening the market for professional businesses.  This has opened the door to opportunity for more and more businesses, enabling them to take advantage of what we offer.

Southeast Texas:
Katy, Northwest Houston, Cypress, Tomball, Pearland, Atascocita

  • 100+ Acres of business plaza developments across West and Northwest Houston regions

  • Construction of 300+ Medical/Professional custom, free standing office buildings

With development and construction experience that spans over 29 years, our 19 year specialization in medical/professional office park development has successfully produced:

As areas grow, so will the success of small businesses.  Kilcommins Group will be there to serve those businesses with an opportunity to design, build, own and occupy a custom office building.

Our office parks are designed to suit Class B occupancy business types such as:  Doctor's Offices and procedural suites, Insurance Agents, CPA Firms, Attorneys, Investment and Mortgage Firms, Title, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Chiropractic, Dental/Ortho, Administrative, Tech/Logistics, Real Estate, and many others...

2-Kilcommins-205 Bella Katy-20240110
29-Kilcommins-221 Bella Katy-20240110
12-Kilcommins-221 Bella Katy-20240110
5-Kilcommins-150 Bella Katy-20240110
2-Kilcommins-221 Bella Katy-20240110
5-Sojka-Twilight Commercial Buildings-201901206
32-Sojka-Commercial Buildings-201901201
12-Sojka-Commercial Buildings-201901205
4-Kilcommins-221 Bella Katy-20240110
6-Kilcommins-205 Bella Katy-20240110
77-Kilcommins-147 Bella Katy-20240110
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